Here are some of very common FAQs from Buyers. Please feel free to contact us any other issues.
There would be no room for negotiation whatsoever in most offers.

General Questions

Can I request all the critical seller’s information I need from day one ?
No. We will exchange the information one by one.
If you don't submit anything to seller, they will not submit anything to you.
You don't know them but they don't know you either.
How do I know the seller is a real ?
That's why we are here in a middle to make sure everything is true and legitimate for everyone.
As it goes by, you will get the all necessary information about the seller such as name, address, contact information, copy of SGS, company registration, past performance docs etc.
Remember you also have to provide all the information about your buyer including banking information & BCL as well.
Seller's biggest concern is the payment ability and what bank they use.
Can I ask for the buyer’s required documents to the seller firstly ?
No, but you will get them once you prepare the seller’s required documents as well and we will exchange those information at the same time for both of you.
We will hold those information from buyer and seller, until both information are ready.

Buyer often asks the followings;
1. Seller’s Company Profile
2. SCO
3. Past Performance Document (PPD)
4. SGS

Seller often asks the followings;
1. Buyer’s Company Profile
2. LOI
3. BCL
Can you send me some photos with today's newspaper?
No. Photos are often taken by brokers and the they can be faked by anybody, therefore they don’t mean anything.
We prove the product availability by POP and all other documents.
We think there would be no use to bother it with the extra work where you can check everything before the shipment is made.
Can you send me the sanitized copy of the past performance documents such as B/L, SGS, etc.?
Not preferably. We basically do not disclose the private information.
Also, since there are too many bad brokers and fake sellers, we keep our trade secrets.
Do you want us to release your B/L to other people?
Can I attend at the loading port?
Yes, of course. We will send you the invitation letter upon L/C.
What is AQSIQ Certificate?
When you import waste materials to China such as Used Rails and HMS 1/2, you need AQSIQ Certificate.
Do I need AQSIQ?
If you are importing into China, you "may" need depending on your spec.
To be safe, we will provide you the AQSIQ anyway.
• AQSIQ is necessary if Used Rails shorter than 1.0meter.
• AQSIQ is not necessary if Used Rails 1.0meter longer.
Can I sign the Contract after my yard visit?
No. We are busy cutting rails and exporting to many countries.
We will take care of new buyers after showing us money (L/C).
Can I visit the yard after signing the Contract, before issuing L/C?
No, yard visit is welcome upon DLC.
Can you send me FCO from the Seller before sending you ICPO and NCNDA?
No. There are too many fake brokers/buyers who try to contact the Seller directly with too many questions.
It is our "trade secret" so we cannot issue without your NCNDA.
We are the end-Buyer not intermediary. Do we still need to send you NCNDA/IMFPA?
Yes, NCNDA/IMFPA is the mandatory for everyone.
We must receive ICPO, NCNDA/IMFPA, and Passport Copy.
Can I sign the Contract for longer than 12 months?
Basically yes. You can renew/extend the Contract.
Is my price fixed for 12 months?
Yes, but some needs to be looked over from time to time.
Is there any financial risk? Any down payment, per-payment?
None, no upfront or any sort whatsoever.
Our payment term is 100% L/C. No deposit/advance payment.
Can you give me any discount for volume?
No. There is no volume discount.
Can you supply HMS1 (HMS1 only)?
No. We can only supply HMS 1/2 (80:20 ratio). It is impossible to separate and gather HMS1 only.
Also, each country has different standard; if someone says this is HMS1 quality, another says it is HMS2. In many countries, Used Rails are considered as HMS1.
What is your overpricing policy?
It depends on the seller’s policy. If they allow overpricing, it needs to be split 50%:50% by seller.
There is no limit how much you can add.


I am an employee at the end-buyer. Can you provide some commission back?
No. We do not do any funny tricks. We will not pay back to any employees/executives at the end-buyer.
How do I get paid my commissions?
The Seller's bank will wire commissions at the same time of L/C settlement automatically.
Seller will not (can not) receive nor touch your commissions thus your commissions are safe.
When do I get paid my commissions?
As soon as the payment is made to seller’s bank account, you will get paid within 5 working days by your paymaster.

L/C, POP, POF, PB Questions

When do you send the POP?
Non-Operative 2% PB and POP will be provided via SWIFT upon receiving Buyer's POF and L/C.
Is my bank "Top 100 World Bank?"
Please see below website for the WORLD'S TOP 100 BANKS. If your bank is not Top 100 bank, your L/C should be "Confirmed."
Can you accept CAD (Cash Against Docs) payment term?
No. Strictly L/C at sight only.


oils   M100, D2, Jet Fuel, LNG, LPG, CST, BLCO, ULSD, Bitumen
ores Iron, Coal, Antimony, Copper, Manganese, Bauxite, Nickel
commodity   HMS1/2, Rail Road, Copper Cathode, Copper Millberry, Wood Pellets
nonmetal Aluminum Ingot, Lead Ingot, Tin Concentrate
seafood   Lobster, Crab, Sea Cucumber, Fish, Eel
meat Beef, Pork, Chicken
grains Yellow Corn, Soy Bean, Sugar, Rice, Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil
beverage Water, Wine, Liquor, Coffee, Milk Powder
miscellaneous Light Tape, Shelter Dome, Solar Panel, Others