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Team IPAS is the professional facilitator which is based on multiple locations and countries in the commodity industry.
We provide the quality service promptly with the ample experience and knowledge by applying worldwide reliable information and research to correspond with the needs of the sellers and buyers.

We are deeply engaged with the natural resources and various food industries in a world.
Our dedicated Japanese staffs are always ready to take your request globally.
We all have the superior experience in the field.

We are absolutely different from those who just relay the message between seller and buyer, as the professional facilitator, we perform the thoroughly research and gathering data of the clients by depositing every possible endeavor in order to raise the success ratio of each deal in which providing the highest quality of service.

We always pursuit the highest success ratio in the commodity world.
We are different !

■ USA.  Japan.  Indea.  Korea.

Team IPAS supports the whole world based in USA, India, Korea, Fukuoka and Osaka Japan.

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oils   M100, D2, Jet Fuel, LNG, LPG, CST, BLCO, ULSD, Bitumen
ores Iron, Coal, Antimony, Copper, Manganese, Bauxite, Nickel
commodity   HMS1/2, Rail Road, Copper Cathode, Copper Millberry, Wood Pellets
nonmetal Aluminum Ingot, Lead Ingot, Tin Concentrate
seafood   Lobster, Crab, Sea Cucumber, Fish, Eel
meat Beef, Pork, Chicken
grains Yellow Corn, Soy Bean, Sugar, Rice, Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil
beverage Water, Wine, Liquor, Coffee, Milk Powder
miscellaneous Light Tape, Shelter Dome, Solar Panel, Others